New Apparatus Pictures are up!

The pictures of the new apparatus are up. I will make videos of the apparatus on our Youtube Channel and get that out of the way for now.

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New Apparatus!

Hi there! Chief Jones here with an update on the apparatus!

Our Snorkel 34 has retired and we now have in place Ladder 34, Engine 34 got a new ladder and lightbar. Medic 136 has some changes and is now Squad 34. All the changes will be on the apparatus page by the end of the week to clear up any confusion.

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Snorkel 34 Arrives at the Station!

Congratulations to the crew for the finished product of Snorkel 34. We expected it to be a Pierce, but in the end, it came out as a 2005 E-One Squrt with a bucket on the end.


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Chief 34, Deputy 34, Utility 34 Retired. Medic 136 In Service! New Snorkel 34 Construction Begins!

Chief 34, Deputy 34, and Utility 34 have all retired. But on the bright side, Medic 136 is Now in service. The Medic is a Ford F-series Chassis with a box style rear. For more information, visit the Apparatus page.

Also, Snorkel 34 is being constructed. Snorkel 34 will most likely be a 2010 Pierce with a 60 ft (when extended) boom arm and bucket with prepiped waterway.


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New Engine 34 and Fire Marshal 34 Update

West Brickston Fire Department is proud to introduce the new Engine 34:


We are also proud to introduce our updated Fire Marshal 34:


Information about the vehicles can be found in our Apparatus page.

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Now on YouTube!

Hey there!

It’s Chief Nick with great news! We are finally on Youtube!

Our link is

I am going to put videos of the models so you can see they are not edited and that they are my own models! I may also once in a while post a stop-motion video of a call or two.

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Congratulations J. Rastetter

Congrats to J. Rastetter for becoming Battallion Chief, Treasurer, and Department Representative! Welcome to West Brickston Fire Department! We hope you enjoy your time of service here and stay safe Chief!

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Recent Calls:

Our most recent calls:

11/30/2012, 1834 Hours Local Box 34-01: 324 Knights Brick Court; Attention Engine 34, Utility 34, Police 44-36, Fire Marshal 34, Deputy 34; Alarm Systems

11/18/2012: Box 14-54
Bricks Crossing and Street Road, In front of Brickmart
Attention Engine 14, Engine 34, Utility 34, Tac 14, Tower 14, Fire Police 34, Police 44-36
MVC involving fire.

11/17/2012: Local Box 52-52
568 Bricks Landing
Attention Engine 52, Engine 52-1, Engine 34, Truck 52, Ladder 39, Command 52, Command 39, Chief 34, Deputy 37, Police 44-36, Medic 186-3, Medic 185-4, Medic 185-9, Medic 186-8,
Reported fire with entrapment and high carbon monoxide levels according to an alarm panel in a boiler room reported by maintenance workers on scene.

11/13/12: Local Box 34-56: Attention Engine 34, Utility 34, Deputy 34, Police 44-36 I-88 at Mile Post 85-9; Vehicle fire with no entrapment at 1634 hours.
Caller Details:
Vehicle owner called it in, Flames started in hood, Magnesium in engine of vehicle, gasoline can in trunk of vehicle.

11/13/2012: Rescue Box 15-10,
Intersection of Knights Rd and Adams Ave;
Attention Engine 15, Engine 34, Police 44-36, Traffic 15, Utility 34, Deputy and Chief 34, Command 15; MVC with entrapment.

11/12/2012: Local Box 14-19; 154 Newgate Court; Attention Engine 14, Engine 34 to cover; Alarm systems at 1644 hrs.

11/12/2012: Tactical Box 26-05 Brick Builders Inc. Warehouse 159 BBW Drive, Attention Engine 22, Engine 33, Engine 34, Engine 37, Truck 1, Truck 16, Truck 29, Truck 49, Command 16, Chief 37, Chief 34, Deputy 37, Deputy 34, Battallion 222, Utility 34, Canteen/Rehab 47, Rescue 245, Rescue 101, Rescue 55-1, Rescue 16, Rescue 4, Rescue 4-1, and Rescue 1-A, Working warehouse fire at 1410hrs.

11/12/2012: Rescue Box 34-99; Intersection of Bricks Ave and Bricksville Road by the Great Brick Diner; Attention Engine 34, Police 44-36, Utility 34, Battallion 222, Deputy 37, Engine 222, Rescue 16, Rescue 18, Rescue 1, Squrt 37, Engine 37, and Engine 44; 4 Vehicle MVA with entrapment at 1158 hrs.



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Engine 34 Retires

West Brickston FD is sad to announce the retirement of our old Engine 34. It was a nice 2002 E-One Typhoon Rescue Pumper. Engine 34 has been replaced with a 2010 Seagrave PUC Pumper. The new Engine 34 was immediately placed in service as Current Apparatus. To see the full outline of Engine 34, please see our Apparatus page.

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Event Appearences

I have heard some questions regarding if I make appearences at Fire Prevention Expositions. The answer is yes to a certain extent. I mainly try to stay in the Eastern Pennsylvania area. I go as far South as Northern Virginia, as far East as Harrisburg, and as far North as New York City. During the months of September through the middle of June, I am only available in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I am available between 4pm and 10pm for school. I am not available during the middle of August from Mondays through Saturdays. During the end of June to the Beginning of August, I am available all the time. For contact, is my email address.

If you would like me to build models to bring of your apparatus, I do have a small charge because I have my own models right now and it costs a good amount because I would have to buy the parts online to make the models.

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